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Short-form Biography: Formed in 2020, Vampire Citizen is a pop/rock band from Arizona. The band consists of two members: Blake Mathews and Juju Stone. The sound of Vampire Citizen is inspired by bands like Blink-182, Twenty One Pilots, and the recent pop/punk releases of Machine Gun Kelly. Vampire Citizen's debut single Crazy Times in California can be streamed now by pressing play on the player below:

Crazy Times in CaliforniaVampire Citizen
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Song Description: Crazy Times in California is Vampire Citizen's first single. The lyrics tell the tale of two wide-eyed teenage lovers. Written in the spirit of reckless youth, this song has been a way for us to feel the freedom of California from the isolation of our own bedrooms, especially during the COViD19 quarantine. We encourage you to dance, sing, do whatever you need to do to lift your spirits. The song is here to help. Crazy Times in California, available everywhere now.

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Vampire Citizen – Crazy Times in Califor
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